Peek Into My Kitchen

If you are a passionate cook and a die hard foodie, you would have always dreamt of cooking more and spending less time for that. Modern appliances are like making your dream come true. Some of the appliances and kitchenwares I have been using for years and I’m in love with them. They are listed below and are worth keeping in your kitchen space. I will be updating this page as and when I find something worth for you.

1. Morphy Richards Toast, Waffle and Grill Sandwich Maker (Silver and Black):

I am using this product for past 6 years without any complaint. I use it to toast and grill sandwiches, 2 in 1 functionality. With 2 kinds of changeable non-stick plates for toasting and grilling respectively. You can also use it to grill boneless non- veg food items


2. Egg Cutter Slicer:

This egg cutter makes up the job of perfectly slicing the boiled egg quickly. Use it for making a quick salad and a sandwitch.


3. Morphy Richards Microwave Convention Oven: 
If you like baking, this is a must have kitchen appliance on your counter top. I have been using this for past 7 years for baking cakes, grilling and reheating purpose without any complaints. Though it bakes cake quickly as compared to proper oven, you  might have to struggle a bit till you get the exact setting(temperature & mode) as most of the recipes give you the oven settings. Later you are good to experiment as much as you want.


4. Philips Air Fryer:

I am in love with this air fryer. Works same like an OTG, when you bake cake in it. Checkout my Eggless Fruit Cake made in this. We all are now-a-days so conscious about our health, but can’t even compromise on taste. That’s where this air fryer will be your friend indeed. Make all your favourite snacks without inviting oil into your food.


5. Wonderchef Casserole Set:

This casserole set, I’m using for everyday cooking  and I’m loving it. It has a ceramide coating instead of the harmful non-stick coating which makes the food healthy to consume. Needs very less oil and can be used on stovetop, on induction and even in oven for baking. Adds up a pretty look to your kitchen space. Is’nt that awesome?

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