Hearty welcome to my food blog, “Flavoured Goodness”. I’m Marina, the cook, writer, photographer and the brain behind the operation of this tiny blog. Not to forget all the support given by my better half and my family all this way to progress.

If you are a dessert lover like me and a healthy foodie, you’ll feel right at home here.

I hope to inspire you through this blog. If you think cooking is tough (even I feel the same sometimes) and as boring, cook along with me and you will realize how wrong you were. I love to make food from all parts of the world (not yet reached too far :)), using some healthy alternatives, if it doesn’t bother the original taste as much.

I will be collecting all the tips and tricks coming on the way. Watch out for these tips & tricks while reading my post. Will soon make a collection of these, which will be handy for a new cook. Stay updated by connecting with me through social media




I am a Bangalore based Keralite from Maharashtra. My husband too a Keralite and belongs to Tamil Nadu.

I’m a long time recipe collector, inspired by my mom. And I love trying all things FOOD. I don’t call myself an expert, even though my first trial was making a chapati for my beloved grandpa, when in 7th grade. I truly believe that learning is a never ending journey. Through this tiny blog, I will be learning new things by doing and sharing with you guys. So, your suggestions and feedbacks are most welcome.

Learn how to cook….Try new recipes...Learn from your mistakes..Be Fearless and above all ..Have FUN – Julia Child

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My fond for food and photography led me to make my own blog (never ever dreamt about it). And what could be a better platform to share my recipes liked by family and friends, than a blog?

Join with me! you can start off browsing the  Visual Recipe Index or you can search a recipe by writing an ingredient or a recipe title in the search box found on right sidebar of the page. Try new recipes and let me know how it came out for you by commenting below the post or you can contact me directly. Would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting and keep coming.

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Happy Cooking!


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